Laptop brands tech suport comparison 2010: Apple on top, again

As they have done the last few years, Laptop Magazine publishes a comparison of the tech support services of the main laptop brands. Again, Apple tops the list and, unsurprisingly, Acer gets the worst score:

  1. A: Apple (A)
  2. B: HP (B+), Lenovo (B+), Sony (B), Asus (B-), Dell (B-), Toshiba (B-)
  3. C: Fujitsu (C), MSI (C), Samsung (C)
  4. D: Acer (D+), Gateway (D+)

Results are based on phone and web support only, no on repairs, and the study was performed in the US, not in Europe, but you get the idea.

Source: Laptop Magazinecomparison chart.

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