Find the differences: new Alienware products or new game? (Engadget)

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

I found funny the differences between the Spanish and English versions of this news in Engadget:

The English version is about new Alienware products while the Spanish one is about a new game ¿?

Rumors include a new 15″ Alienware laptop (M15x), likely with Intel Core i7 Mobile processors, and maybe a desktop computer (at the moment there is only one Alienware desktop). It seems that a third product is going to be presented, maybe the famous curved display, that has been demoed but is still not available, or a smaller Alienware laptop (12-13″). Dell talks about that but does not give much new information.

The official announcement is expected in Thurday, so let’s wait a few days more…

Update: the Spanish version has been corrected

Update 2: Engadget has heard the rumors too.

The new search engine from Microsoft, Bing, is available

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Microsoft just launched its new search engine, Bing. I’m going to test it for a few days, because the opinions I have read in the Net are rather good.

PC games system requirements

Monday, December 1st, 2008

I play games PC games very seldom, but I have to admit that I’m fascinated by gaming, and I’m very interested on everything related to gaming benchmarks, because most laptop graphics cards are not upgradeable and it is very important to compare the performance offered by a laptop with the performance demanded by games. I recently found a very useful tool: the Yougamers’ Game-o-meter.

This tool, that is donwloaded and executed from the browser, makes a fast assessment of your computer based on its Virtualmark score (based on 3DMark) and compares it to the one of the minimum and recommended components according to the game’s developer. It is not as informative as benchmarks for the same card, that show you the playable settings, but it is much better that a comparison with older graphics cards: is my Radeon HD 3450 faster or slower than a GeForce 6800 GT? Humm…

PC games system requirements

It looks like my PC is borderline to run Fallout 3…

The list of games is not huge, but it does include the most popular games. In my opinion, it is very useful.

PC Games at

Claim WordPress blog in Technorati: problem solved

Friday, November 9th, 2007

I have got a little problem with the way Technorati handles my blog, and I think it can be useful to explain how it went.

As you know I use WordPress for the blog, in fact I have three different installs, one for each language. Today I signed in Technorati and I tried to claim the three blogs, but I just succeeded with one of them. After a lot of tests (Google did not save me this time) I realized that the blog that I could claim without a problem did use the the “pretty” permalink format, while the others not (by mistake). So I have activated the same permalink format in the rest of the blogs and, “magic!”, Technorati has claimed the blogs without a problem.

Think about it: small news can be important too!